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Ramen’s boundaries are limitless.

With thousands of possible flavors and varieties, ramen is unique in that each dish is born from a chef’s individual and free, unconstrained idea and concept. Known as the Japanese “soul food,” a bowl of ramen contains that special something—the trifecta of soup, noodles and toppings—that brings forth the cosmos and transcends all culinary ethnicities and nationalities.

The basic ramen broth is derived from the essence of pork, chicken, beef or seafood, and is seasoned with soy sauce, salt, miso and other various ingredients, depending on the chef’s personal preference. The noodles are made with flour, eggs, kansui (an alkaline water that provides a chewy texture), among other ingredients, and can vary greatly in thickness, length, form and texture. Toppings such as chashu (simmered pork) and tamago (flavored boiled egg) are also commonly used, as well as a number of vegetables like sweet corn, bean sprouts or dried seaweed.

Ippudo’s Ramen

Tonkotsu, one of the most popular ramen varieties, derives from Hakata, Japan. Slow-boiled over 20 hours using a secret house specialty process, Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu pork-broth ramen features a distinctly silky and delectably savory broth unique to any other tonkotsu soup. The dish is served piping hot, so please indulge with caution.

The basic broth is derived from the essence of pork, chicken, beef, or seafood, and seasoned with soy sauce, salt, miso, and other important ingredients. It’s totally up to each individual chef to decide which ingredients and how much to use. Flour, eggs, kansui (an alkaline water) and other ingredients are used to make noodles. The chefs do not simply mix these ingredients together. Their own particular originality is infused into the thickness, length, form, and texture of noodles. Toppings such as chashu (simmered pork) and tamago (flavored boiled egg) are also selectively used according to the tastes, preference and individuality of the chef. Soup, noodles, and topping – the trinity brings forth the cosmos. Ramen is quite a creative dish with infinite potential for expansion and diversity.

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